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Himalayan Crafts

My name is Daya Karmacharya and I sell products made by Local Nepalese Artisan. I am a native of Nepal the Mount Everest Country and I have lived in Hinton for over 20 years.


Over 10 years ago when Hinton started a multicultural festival called Fohn Festival on Canada Day, I volunteered to open a Nepal Tent where people could experience Culture of Nepal, by tasting Authentic Nepali momos and purchase Nepalese crafts and also learn about the country. 

People loved the food and the crafts I sold. There was more demand for Nepalese merchandise. The Hitonites started coming to my home to buy unique gifts to their loved ones during Christmas, Mother’s n Father’s Day n also for birthdays. So I started exploring the local arts n crafts in Nepal and purchased from them. They benefited from my purchase. This is how Himalayancrafts got started. I sell my merchandise in several music festivals in Alberta and British Columbia, and mainly in Hinton at Zamas Health Foods. It has also been launched with Etsy now on line and has become global  

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