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Winter and Eden Handcrafted All Naturals


Tia Webber

Welcome to Winter & Eden Handcrafted All Naturals, where we produce bath and body items that are cruelty-free and Palm-Oil free. Where all products are handcrafted in small batches, are biodegradable, and are crafted with passion and love at the foot of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Because your health, your family, and our environment, is worth it!




Come check out the many products I craft:

- soap  

- cleaning solutions

- shampoo & cond. bars

- bath balms and fizzes

- lotion and lotion bars - beard oil

- body balms - deodorant

- toothpaste

- beeswax wraps

Plus other earth and body conscious creations!

You can contact me through Facebook: Winter & Eden Handcrafted All Naturals; or Phone: (780) 740-5543

Winter & Eden

Handcrafted Naturals

I started making soap in 2008, and completely fell in love with the art.  I made a few batches, most for my roommates and I, but after a few months, couldn't really afford the money or time for my new beloved hobby.  For years, I always wanted to start creating natural products, but leading such a busy lifestyle, I always put my passion on the back burner (silly girl!!).  In 2016, I suffered a terrible accident. My husband had just been laid off, so I was supporting the household.  After a cursed fall walking with my then 3 year old daughter, Winter, I managed to fall, completely shattering my ankle, while breaking my tibia and fibula.  My family, dogs, cat and all, had to move into our trailer and move east to try and find work for my husband. I was told I would not walk for a year.  After a few weeks, I learned that I was 4 weeks pregnant with my second daughter.  The day I fell, I was 8 days pregnant.  As I lay in bed, for days and days, I pondered on ways I could help my very overwhelmed husband, once the current debilitating pain was more manageable.  I like to believe that when life throws us curveballs that seem like  awful luck, that there are always underlying lessons that can then redirect your life, leading you to the path that you are meant to be on, and if not at the very least, offer one a sense of personal, and spiritual growth. Well; this was certainly the case for me. My mother died in 2012, and I swear I felt her reassuring me that as bad as our situation was, it was a true blessing, and completely necessary.  

I decided when we returned, I would return to the beloved hobby that I dropped so long ago.  With so much time on my hands,  I laid in that trailer on my computer and researched, and researched, and RESEARCHED more and more about bath and body products, their ingredients, the benefits of all essential oils, the benefits of using these products, not only for us, but for our environment.... I was so incredibly enthusiastic and excited to begin the journey once I was well enough.

Mommy & Me



After a few months in the trailer, and I was a little better at using my crutches, we were able to return home to Hinton. :)  After diving right in to the business, I needed to come up with a name.  I knew I was going to incorporate my daughters name, Winter, within it, but was unsure what else.  I was told I was pregnant with a boy, we had such a hard time agreeing on a name for him.  After a while, we agreed on Sullivan.  I always adored the name Eden, and I thought, since I was having a little boy, that this was my only chance to use the name.  So, Winter & Eden was formed.  In January 2017, to our surprise, baby Sullivan came out a girl.  Eden Sapphire was born instead :)

The rest is history.  I have been submerged in the desire to bring quality products to my friends, family, and my community.

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