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Bulk Me Up

Zamas Health Foods now has a REFILL Centre.


We carry a number of nuts, seeds, coconuts, dried fruit, snacks, Himalayan or Epsom salt, plus the GREEN CRICKET dish soap, laundry soap, shampoo, cond., body wash, and lotion.

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Bring in your container and we will fill it up. 


Our refill Centre is designed to:

  • Allow people to use their own containers;

  • Reduce the amount of single use plastic packaging;

  • Reduce the cost compared to buying off the shelf;

  • Allow people to restock on amounts preferable to them; and most of all…

  • Avoid contamination issues and keep the product(s) as fresh as possible.


Come check out what we have!

We have a display of items (in small jars) to show what is available and the prices.

Popular items will be added to the bulk items selection as requested.

Organic Vegetables

The items currently available are:

Almonds (raw, organic)
Apple chips (organic)
Brazil nuts (raw, organic)
Buckwheat groats (organic)

Kasha (roasted buckwheat groats)
Cacao (Cocoa) powder (organic)
Chia seeds (black, organic)
Chocolate covered Coconut

Chocolate covered Raisins

Cinnamon (Ceylon, organic)
Coconut (fine, organic)

Coconut Ribbon (regular and toasted)

Epsom Salt
Flax seeds (golden, organic)
Ginger Cubes (organic, candied)

Hemp seeds (organic)

Himalayan Salt (fine & course)
Mango slices (organic)

Popcorn (organic)
Raisins (Thompson, organic)
Rice crackers mix (mild)

Rice crackers mix (spicy)
Sesame seeds (white; raw, organic)
Sunflower seeds (raw, organic)
Sugar (organic) – Cane; Coconut
Walnuts (raw, organic)


  • All Purpose Cleaner - Frag. Free

  • Dish soap – Frag. Free or Citrus Grove 

  • Laundry soap (Double Strength Liquid) – Frag. Free

  • Shampoo – Frag. Free, Citrus Grove, Coconut, or Lavender

  • Conditioner – Frag. Free, Citrus Grove, Coconut, or Lavender

  • Hand and body wash – Frag. Free, Citrus Grove, Coconut, or Lavender

  • Hand & body lotion– Frag. Free, Citrus Grove, Coconut, or Lavender

The Unscented Company products:

  • All Purpose Cleaner

  • Laundry soap (Liquid)

  • Concentrated Vinegar for cleaning

Cabbage Leaves
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