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About Us

The Compass to your Health

ZAMAS Health Foods is pleased to provide you with some of the best natural health products available today in the Western world. We like to share our knowledge on the products and how people have experience health benefits

​At ZAMAS, your health is of the utmost importance to us. We want you to know we are taking great care to ensure the overall well-being and safety of our community. We are sanitizing all areas of our store regularly.  Employees are frequently washing and sanitizing their hands, and we ask that customers who are experiencing symptoms such as cough and runny nose please not come in at this time; we are, however, offering free shipping and curb-side pickup for you who prefer to make their purchases this way. Interested? Please give us a call at 780-740-5417.



Our beautiful location in Hinton, Alberta. Come visit us at the store where we can assist you with your nutritional needs.

194 Pembina Avenue, Hinton AB

See Location Map below. 

IMG_2193 3.JPG


You are welcome to come in and look around, we are open from Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm. We offer a variety of foods, body products & supplements. Please note we are closed on Statutory Holidays.


Inside we have hundreds of different products, for you to check out! We can also recommend practitioners and therapist to assist you with things we cannot.



 “Natural Health Practitioner”
Behrooz Tahririha

Behrooz Tahririha is a fourth generation Persian herbalist. He learned the oral traditions of Persian Humoral Therapy from his folks before moving to the Philippines where he studied Science at the University of San Augustine as well as Chinese Medicine from Buddhist monks. After arriving in Canada, he pursued his interest in natural healing arts by studying under the renowned Dr. Bernard Jensen, the North American father of Iridology and Clinical Nutrition. He has been constantly adding to his deep base of knowledge and skills by studying with some of the most renowned natural health practitioners in North America such as Dr. Versandaal, D.C. the main developer of Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) and Dr. Victor Frank the creator of Total Body Modification (TBM). In 1992, Behrooz opened his naturopathic clinic under the name of Family Herbal Clinic in St. Albert, AB.  Behrooz clients come from near and far, seeking to get healthy with natural means such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, diet, fasts, cleanses, energy balancing, and exercise.

Behrooz comes to Zamas one Saturday a month. Please call Zamas to book an appointment 780-740-5417

“Lise the Foot Care Nurse”
Lise Giroux-Beattie

I have been a registered nurse for over 25 years.  I am also a Diabetic Educator and through this experience I have come to believe that foot care is a must for everyone.

One in 3 of my clients experience diabetes in their lives.  As a Diabetic Educator, I provide Information on foot care, neuropathy, pressure ulcers, foot deformity, lower leg wounds and how their blood sugars can reduce these problems.


Healthy feet are happy feet!  I believe your experience with foot care will be a comfortable and enjoyable occasion.  What does a qualified foot care nurse do?:

- Foot assessment

- Nail cutting and filing

- Corn and callus reduction

- Management of Ingrown toenails/braces

- Skin care

- Specialized assessments and foot care for hi risk clients ( Diabetes/ P.A.D.)

- Assessment and education on foot wear


Other services offered:

- Nail braces for ingrown toenails

- Toe spacers for overlapping toes

- Information on compression stockings


You can contact me for questions or an appointment:


Web: lise-footcarenurse

Phone: 780-315-4824


Contact Us

ZAMAS Health Foods
197 Pembina Avenue, Hinton, AB T7V 2B2
Tel: 780-740-5417

Mail Address: Box 6745 Hinton Alberta, T7N 2G2

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